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I've been buying Toyota's for the last 20 years and was keen on the Aygo after doing a test drive and finding the 1L engine pulled reasonably well. Main attraction was it's ultra-light 4.3L/100km consumption. Luggage space was tather limited but the actual show stopper was no Android Auto in the SA model.

My alternative was the brand new Hyundai Grand i10 Fluid 1L which was just launched last weekend in SA. I really liked it's styling (side is very similar to latest Yaris) and masses of internal space and luggage space. The trade-off for extra space is some extra mass so consumption falls to just over 5,4L/100km. The Fluid comes with Android Auto/Apple Carplay, electric folding mirrors, alloy wheels, aircon vents and 12V power for rear seats, and leather look seats (I would have much preferred cloth upholstery). This car, like most in its class only has standard air-con so no climate control. I did have a reverse camera fitted as that was not standard in the Fluid.

Overall I'm very happy with it and for the 99.9% urban driving I do it makes sense. My hybrid was 4 years old and I did not want to keep it another 4 or 5 years. This car is cheaper insurance (like 25% less), less license fees, less servicing costs, and I no longer need to race between traffic lights. The standard warranty of 5 years is also longer than Toyota is currently offering


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