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Took a ride to the Ceder Brew brewery at Kromrivier in the heart of the Cederberg Mountains today to sample some of their craft beer, and to see their brewery. The weather was just perfect and started out at 15 degrees and topped out at 28 degrees. There was a light breeze but the ride was a real pleasure. The gravel road to Kromrivier is in good condition so you can easily ride 60 - 80km/h (just a few short corrugated sections). Although it was lunch time I had a light breakfast (cost only R40) accompanied by their Pumpkin Ale (made with pumpkins from the farm). After lunch I was given a quick tour and explanation of how the brewery works. Apparently their beers are also for sale through Roland Liquor Store in Cape Town. I also tested out the new Kaoko Cruise Control on my bike. Worked very well and made the longer stretches of tar a lot easier as I did not have to grip the throttle the whole time. It is essentially a big friction nut and the nice thing is that it releases in the same direction you use for de-accelerating so it is easy to disengage in a hurry if you need to. Details for Ceder Brew (including the GPS coordinates) are at I left home at 08:40 and arrived at Ceder Brew at 12:40 (with a few photo stops and a stop for coffee). I left at about 13:45 and got home at 17:00.


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