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To break the new bike in we decided to do the run out to Barrydale and go a bit beyond that and take a circular route on gravel (180+ km) and back round to Montagu. The bike just purred along at 140 on the N2, eating up the miles. We had the usual stops at Dassiesfontein (to find the geocache), the Karoo Saloon, and at Ronnies Sex Shop (to say hi to Ronnie and find another geocache). Then we hit a "very" long stretch of gravel and I tried out the off road suspension settings.... wow she just soaked up all the bumps and it was a surprisingly good ride and we passed only one 4x4 along the whole 180km.... Got back to Cape Town after about 12 hours and still felt surprisingly good! Total of 671km travelled at average 5.5l/100km with about 186km on gavel.


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