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After tossing up options in mid-2018 between WoT and WT I had opted for Wordld of Tanks Blitz and then moved on to WoT PC. Now in April 2019 I decided to give War Thunder Ground Vehicles a go (I had a brief go in 2018 with WT Aviation already but I've been enjoyinfg tanks at lot). One reason is WT has three modes of gameplay to migrate to from Acade, to Realistic and through to Simulator, and you can even opt to jump into a plane and finish off a tank battle that way. Unlike WoT there is no playable artillery but you can summon artillery in the game to target an area.

Another key difference is WoT has a hitpoint system of depleting points through damage whilst WT will allow a tank to take a lot of damage but its critical parts are affected and killing all the crew or exploding the ammo racks inside will kill of the tank. So sometimes you can be killed by one well placed shot. There is certainly a shade more realism with WT.

So I'm still in Tier 1 in my second tank which is a German Pz.IV C with a battle rating of 1.3. I'm trying not to rush through the tiers in this game by buying premium vehicles (yet at least). I'll be grinding my way through the German tanks but I'm aiming to spend some time in Tiers 1 - 3 as things get a lot hotter from Tier 4 upwards so you want to proceed incrementally.


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