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Shaka having a pee

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Shaka is my new pet in Second Life. He is a Zooby dog and has an amazing array of things he can do.
- Includes a bed, bowls, bone, newspaper, and ball. Interacts with all his toys.
- He has AI capabilties. This means he interacts with his accessories without user interaction.
- He pees on his newpaper.
- He plays fetch
- He will randomly roam an area or patrol a determined location. As he walks he will randomly sit, lay, relax, bark, wimper and look around.
- He makes friends. He remembers his friends until you reset his menu. You can control him at the same time your friends do.
- Includes a security system to protect your property and will attack another person you choose. Push must be enabled on land for this feature to work. Will not attack anyone on the friends list.
- Will follow you. While in following mode if you tp out or leave sl, he will remember you and greet you when you arrive back.
- Has several built in gestures, so he acts and behaves like a real life pet.
- Has built in sensors - so he avoids collision with other prims.
- Can repeat what you say in chat and can be named. His name will hover over his head.
- You or your friends can pet him.
- He swims in linden water.

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