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Latest shaving kit December 2015

flickr-23670128236.jpg Edwin Jagger DE89 on left with iKon handle and Merkur 34C on rightThumbnailsRazor handles from left: iKon OSS, Edwin Jagger DE89, Merkur 34C

Some photos of my "shave of the day" equipment I'm currently using.

It is worth contrasting the Edwin Jagger DE89 razor with the Merkur 34C razor - I have found the Edwin Jagger's handle a bit too slippery so I replaced it with a solid stainless-steel iKon OSS handle with deep knurling. The Merkur's handle has enough knurling to use as-is but does have a smoother feel to it. I was surprised to find that the Merkur gave me a milder shave, after I had read that some said it had a more aggressive bite to it than the Edwin Jagger. I'll need to alternate more before I can make a final call on the heads. Either ways both of these razors are great razors to use.

I'm finding the boar hair brush matches well with the harder Mitchell's Wool Fat soap.

The razor stand on the left is an Edwin Jagger stand, whilst the one on the right is an iKon stand (the Merkur handle is too thick to fit in it).

I've been happy with the Feather blades now for a few months and have no reason at all to change to anything else. The Badger pre-shave oil provides good glide and lasts well for a second or third pass. I have tried some of the Bluebeards Revenge pre-shave oil but find it a bit thinner and it does feel like it has washed out a bit by the second pass.

But it goes to prove again that with traditional wet shaving you can mix and match your items to suite yourself!

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