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Gillette Fat Boy Razor before and after being cleaned

flickr-32323672880.jpg Gillette Fat Boy Razor before and after being cleanedThumbnailsDaily shaving kit at end of 2016

I used my new Dremel 4000 power tool to clean up this 57 year old razor of my dad's.

The Gillette Model 195 Fat Boy safety razor was manufactured between 1958 to 1961. The model 195 was so named because it retailed for $1.95 at the time. It now sells second hand for around $35. It was nicknamed the Fat Boy because of the fatter handle that accommodated both the TTO (twist to open) and the adjustment mechanism.

This is a single piece (head or othe rparts don't detach) with a butterfly head (opens like wings top receive the blade). This all makes it easy to change blades and also to adjust the blade exposure, or aggression, of the razor very quickly. All very hi-tech at the time.