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Resting heart rate for the past month

flickr-32929773633.jpg Friday just before illness - normal hear rateThumbnailsMonday heart rate with medication taking affect

Shows a very sharp spike the last few days. The dip just before the sharp rise is on Thursday 24 March, and the rise starts on Fri 25 March. I was still feeling fine Friday evening when I had supper. After the illness kicked in I ate nothing and only managed a little water up to Sunday about 16:00, when I went to hospital.

Despite this seeming quite severe it wa snot my worst. Back in February 1985 a similar viral infection hit me and my temperature hit 105F (40.5C) so that I could not actually even go to hospital. This time around I clocked about 39 point something degrees C. The other difference was way more scanning and analysis is now available so we are hoping to learn something from the blood cultures. What got me admitted as a blood reading that was supposed to show less than 5, and my reading was 180. I'm getting more detail on that still now that I can think a bit more clearly.

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