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Vanbon 8-Port USB and Type-C 68W charger to replace the one that burnt out

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This one has Overload, Overheat etc protection and LCD display to show charging rates

My previous charger burnt out some components on its board after connecting an ioniser to it (I suspect though due to the USB extension cable) but this new one not only has protection now for overheat, overcharge, overcurrent, overload, surge, and short circuit protection, but its display will also show what current is being drawn by each port.

It works on 110-240V and has 7 USB-A ports up to 2.4A each and one Type-C PD 3A port for fast charging my Pixel phone. The LCD display is useful to see exactly what current each port is delivering, and will show when the device is charged. The display will also show an alarm for any of the error statuses detected.

It cost me $39.99 from Amazon and was delivered in 4 days to my front door in Cape Town (can't argue with that delivery time as it included a weekend).

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