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Monkey Shoulder Blendeed Speyside Malt Whisky

IMG_20190223_132757.jpg Thumbnails10 Year Old Glenmorangie Whisky

Finally got a bottle of this excellent Speyside blended malt whisky as it was on special today. It's probably on the opposite end of the tasting scale compared to say a Highland Park whisky (complex peaty taste). Also being a Speyside blend it is quite similar to Chivas Regal but more will be revealed I'm sure once I get a bit further into the bottle.

The name monkey shoulder referred to a temporary injury suffered by the malt-men when turning the barley by hand. As working practices have since changed, the injury no longer exists and now the name Monkey Shoulder lives on as an affectionate tribute to the malt-men of Yore in recognition of the times they suffered for their art.