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Brother P-Touch H110 Label Printer

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Finally realised I needed a labelling printer and bought one today - helping me to organise my cables, drawers, etc

Apart from the fact my handwriting is terrible and even I can't often make it out, I finally realised yesterday that all these USB-C, Mini-USB, camera, two similar Fitbit cables, an Apple cable, etc all look fairly similar (especially to my wife) so I decided I really did need a labelling printer and went out and bought one.

I used to scoff when I saw these "useless gadgets" in the stores and I just never saw any useful need for them. Maybe the cleaning out some boxes yesterday got me in the organising mood I don't know but when I decided I wanted one they were nowhere to be found in a store. I went to Makro (who had sold out because they had a special on) and no stores at Canal Walk Mall had either (including both computer shops). So ironic as I remember only a week ago still seeing them on a display somewhere but I had no idea where. After a third trip I got the very last one at Waltons at Tyger Valley Shopping Centre... funny when you're looking for something you can't find it, but when you're not they are all over the place.

I got the Brother P-Touch H110 mainly because of the easy-to-use cable label feature. Seems the Brother models are a bit notorious for wasted label tape lengths (due to the positioning of the cutter says Brother, but label tape is quite expensive so I suppose they benefit from the waste). There are a few tricks to get around this like don't print each label separately, but put the text one after each other and leave a double space between, and cut it with a pair of scissors, or use the chain printing function (although to be honest I tried it but it either needs a rocket scientist or a Chinese speaker to figure it out as what the manual says and what the display says, are two different things).

Anyway, all cables, some light switches, antenna cables, the alarm system and my whisky is all labelled (whiskey is so my wife does not give out my good stuff by mistake if anyone visits - the label that says "best whisky" is my worst whisky).

There are actually lots of uses for label printers:

* Cables

* Multifunction switches

* Electrical distribution board

* Instructions

* On laptops etc to be returned if lost

* Lunchboxes

* Anything that must be used in sequence

* On item you loan out

* Bookshelves

* Bike helmets

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