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Canon Powershot S2 IS - 48x (Digital) Zoom - King's Blockhouse, Table Mountain, South Africa

flickr-92178406.jpg View towards Rooi Els, South AfricaThumbnailsView from veranda at B&B, East Poort Station

Focal length 72mm, 1/125sec, f/4.

The high ground behind the Castle had always been the weakpoint in the Cape's defences. It was the key for any enemy. The British, following their invasion in 1795, decided to occupy the entire range of heights inclusing the shoulder of Devil's Peak. General Craig described the area where the King's Blockhouse is situated as, "this shoulder to the Devil's Hill is the Key to the Key and should be maintained at every risk." It was subsequently fortified with the erection of the King's Blockhouse, Queen's Blockhouse and the Prince of Wales Redoubt. Cannons used at the King's Blockhouse have been identified as Swedish and were originally brought by the Dutch to the Imhoff Battery at the Castle and later moved by the British to the blockhouse.
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