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Slangkop Lighthouse, Kommetjie, South Africa

flickr-134921844.jpg See, it is really called Misty Cliffs!ThumbnailsNoordhoek Beach from start of Chapman's Peak Drive

Operational since 4 March 1919.
This is the tallest cast iron tower on the South African Coast, 100 feet from base to its balcony.

The lighthouse is equipped with a revolving electric light that emits four flashes very 30 seconds. Not all the flashes are visible with each revolution from any one point. It is one of 4 strongest lighthouses in Southern Africa with a range of 33 sea miles. The light has an approximate candlepower of 5 000 000 C.D.

The lighthouse is a 33 meter circular cast iron tower, painted white. The focal plane of the light is 41 meters above high water which means it often remains visible below dense mist.


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