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Side-by-Side comparison of photo management with Hubzilla and Friendica

Photos Hub Friendica.png War ThunderThumbnailsSetup my own hosted Friendica and Hubzilla Social Network nodes for comparisonWar ThunderThumbnailsSetup my own hosted Friendica and Hubzilla Social Network nodes for comparison

Both these social networks have some basic photo and album management. But neither is a proper photo management service so you won't find advanced manipulation.

Both will upload photos into albums. Friendica has proper shown drag-and-drop and whilst I got Hubzilla once to accept a drag-and-drop it failed after that  (there is no shown area for drag-and-drop on Hubzilla). Both will allow photo uploads with no status post being generated.

Friendica allows you to add an album on its own whilst Hubzilla wants albums created during the actual photo upload, Friendica also allows you to edit album names whilst I could see no function like this on Hubzilla.

After uploading both allowed a photo edit to include its caption, rotation, and tagging. Hubzilla allows location to be allowed or removed whilst Friendica by default disabled/strips metadata you could opt to allow it in the settings, but not seemingly per photo.

Viewers can like or dislike photos for both services, and neither display EXIF info.

For file types both allow jpg and png basic images but neither allow video uploads by default. The idea for videos is you embed or link to them in posts but they don't appear in the photo galleries. Friendica has a video menu tab but even after creating a post with an embedded video, nothing is shown on the video tab. Hubzilla actually displays a preview of a video file that is uploaded and attached to a status post, but after posting the status post appears without any video visible at all (linking or embedding does display).

For album/photo privacy Friendica allows an album's visibility to be set, but Hubzilla does not have this and it is set per photo. So Hubzilla may have a single album that will show all public photos but friends or family could see additional photos you had marked for their access.

On file size limits Friendica does allow some maximums to be set easily in the Admin settings for max size in bytes, max length in pixels, and/or jpg quality. BUT if the photo exceeds these limits Friendica just displays a "failed" message with no indication of why. Hubzilla seems to rely on PHP config max file size only. Neither does any automatic resizing on upload that I can see.

So, in summary, both really only do very basic photo management for posts and for both, your posts need to link to videos hosted elsewhere. It's not to say videos are impossible as you could likely FTP them to the server and link to them but that is hardly user-friendly. On the plus side videos can chew up a tremendous amount of storage space so it could be that Hubzilla and Friendica were intended to keep the hosting requirements lightweight.

The attached image shows the photo gallery view with Friendica on top and Hubzilla below it.

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