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My Technology and Gadgets (!)
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The bootstrap darkroom interface theme is enabled by default. Although you can switch themes you may find some features like videos may not play well. Note also that the Android and iOS mobile apps on phones and tablets does not display full details like comments (and this notice) so accessing via web browser on mobile may give a richer experience.

Two issues I'm having:

1. I'm also still working on trying to show image thumnails of videos in the albums but they do play fine.

2. Photosphere's are not displaying properly with the Bootstrap Darkroom theme - if you switch to another theme such as p0w0 they seem to display fine.

Use of these photos can be made free of charge without permission required if they are to be used for non-profit or charitable purposes. Where they are to be used in a revenue generating endeavour permission needs to be obtained and I usually require a donation be made to a suitable animal rescue charity.